Menu Step-Selling: the new trend

Now that’s a great example of an oxymoron isn’t it?
Menu step-selling is now proliferating Business offices across the country with great success mainly in response to  the increasing number of products that
are now being sold.  One of step-selling’s drawbacks is that many
Business Managers do not present all of their products using this sales
process because their customers grow impatient and the turn over is cut
short. One of the advantages of menu selling is that all of the products
are presented at once giving the customer every opportunity to
purchase. This concept of step-selling using a menu was developed as a
result of the myriad of financial protection plans that are now
available and in response to those Business Managers who insist on
step-selling their products.
One of the most common strategies that
is now being used is to step-sell loan & lease protection plans
using a menu table. This strategy and tool can be utilized during the
credit application, immediately after the credit application, after
either an extended warranty or a vehicle protection presentation or at
the delivery turn over.
The customer is presented with all of the protection plans as payments and asked
which ones they would like to register. Here’s an example:

Financial Protection Plans


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President of F-I Resource and a National Trainer and Consultant for Wye Management:
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