Bring more value to your sales meetings other than talking about F&I products:

How about sharing some sales tips with your sales team at your next meeting? Here are a few ideas:

►When fielding a sales call, don’t answer, “Sales — this is Jim Norton speaking. How can I help you today?” Answer a sales call like this, “It’s a great day at ABC Motors. I’d love to help you today.” The second response is an assertion rather than a question which will make your salespeople sound unique and engage more customers. ►Jackie B. Cooper once gave this advice at a workshop: “Never forget your customers and never let your customers forget you.” He said that if you practice that philosophy, you’ll have a very profitable career. One of Canada’s top salespeople today adopted that strategy and practices it by simply booking all of his clients’ service appointments – he speaks and sees them all the time.

►Pick one of your oldest used vehicles in stock and find a walk around video on YouTube to show them. Visit and show your salespeople how they can find all of the specifications of that vehicle. Your Used Vehicle Manager will appreciate your research and effort as well.

►Introduce leasing as a concept comparing it to buying fruits:“Wouldn’t it be great to buy bananas without having to pay for the peel as well?”

► If a customer tells you that they don’t have enough time, just respond in the following way: “No problem — just let me know when you have to leave.”Since the time issue is just a defence mechanism, the objection is dismissed allowing the salesperson to move through their sales process. Your team will love you!

► Have your salespeople share these statistics to “WOW” their customers. “In a recent June 2012 IIHS report revealed that ESC (Electronic Stability Control) has been found to reduce fatal single-vehicle crash risk by 49 percent, fatal single-vehicle rollovers by 75 percent for SUVs and by 72 percent for cars and reduces single-vehicle crashes of cars by 32 percent and single-vehicle crashes of SUVs by 57 percent. NHTSA estimates that ESC has the potential to prevent 72 percent of the car rollovers and 64 percent of the SUV rollovers that would otherwise occur in single-vehicle crashes.” Increase your asset value by sharing tips that can help your salespeople sell more cars and not just more rust proofing.

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